Beauty Secrets and Rituals by RAAW Muses

RAAW Muse - Sebastian Francis Atkins

Sebastian Atkins reveals his love for the Blue Beauty Drops and shares some of his beauty secrets. Experience his RAAW favourites right here.

MY RAAW RITUAL - Julie Lindvang

RAAW Muse & global sales manager for Helmstedt, Julie Lindvang on her beauty rituals and secret weapon against the skin condition Perioral Dermatitis.

RAAW Muse - Maria Ovie

RAAW Muse, beautician and owner of Ovieschön - a Hamburg based natural beauty store Maria Ovie shares her weekend-beauty-ritual and her go to RAAW products.

INGREDIENTS - Hooked on Hyaluronic Acid

Are you also curious about the moisturizing and natural wonder ingredient, which has unique skin rejuvenating qualities with immediate effect?

RAAW Muse - Rillo Schwartz

Ocean Dew Face Mist is Danish influencer and RAAW By Trice muse Rillo Schwartz´s secret to moist and dewy skin. Experience all her RAAW favorites right here.

NEWS - The story of ROOM 64

The new fragrance from RAAW By Trice is finally here. ROOM 64 is alluring, tempting and mysterious, and you can read all about it right here. 

RAAW Muse - Janka Polliani

RAAW Muse Janka Polliani adores a special RAAW product, and shares her top 10 beauty hacks.

RAAW Muse - Armin and Christian from Woodberg

Meet Armin and Christian owners and founders of the natural beauty and skincare on/offline shop Woodberg in Darmstadt, Germany @woodberg_shop

RAAW Muse - Nicole Pambi

RAAW Muse Nicole Pambi, @nicolepambi shares her personal beauty rituals and let us in on some of her beauty secrets. 

RAAW Muse - Natalie Jerichau

Meet RAAW Muse Natalie Jerichau and get to know her 'ride or die' beauty products.

RAAW Muse - Hilde Wedø

Owner of @carma_no in Trondheim Hilde Wedø @hildecarma shares her beauty rituals and tells about how a particular RAAW product has saved her skin from looking dry and aged.

RAAW Muse - Anne P

Danish Beauty Editor and former international model Anne P. shares her beauty insights and views on beauty.

RAAW Muse - Linda Tol

Gorgeous Linda Tol is a trend-expert and I am honored to have her as one of my RAAW Muses. Learn more about which products she is using for post-detox and acne prone skin.

RAAW Muse - Nikoline Skaarup

The amazing and talented makeup artist Nikoline Skaarup shares how she is using RAAW products on her clients and how to create a good base and a glowy look that will last all day.

RAAW Muse - Maria Barfod

DJ & Radio Host, Maria Barfod, is addicted to a certain RAAW product... learn which product will never leave her side.

RAAW Muse - Amalie Wichmann

Beauty rituals and love stories by the danish beauty Amalie Wichmann.

RAAW Muse - Christel Winther

The gorgeous model Christel Winther talks about her favorite product and her night rituals.

RAAW Muse - Veneda Budny

RAAW Muse Veneda Budny about her favorite products and her beauty secret.


Trice Angie Christiansen is the Founder of RAAW By Trice. Learn about her beauty rituals, tips and beauty secrets.