RAAW Alchemy is an award-winning clean beauty and perfume collection crafted with organic, sustainable and wild harvested ingredients and ocean botanicals. Nature’s finest ingredients and best kept secrets in a bottle.

    No need to choose between natural and results - RAAW Alchemy is all in one. The transformational ritual and long term results your skin has been waiting for.

    Award-winning, sustainable luxury for face, body and sense. Simple but efficient multi-purpose products.


    “We want to have a far more sustainable approach to production with less carbon footprint. It made so much more sense to have the production locally, especially after I relocated back to Copenhagen. Bringing production to Denmark also allows us to offer the consumer better prices.

    So all in all a much better deal for everyone and the environment.


    All ingredients are carefully selected for their individual superpowers and how they compliment each other for better results. Ingredients are never picked for their color or scent. Each and every product is curated for specific skin needs - not to smell or look in a certain way.

    All the formulas are unique and created to infuse your skin with pure plant power.


    The striking sapphire blue color comes from our hero ingredient Blue Tansy. This healing powerhouse will help soothe, calm and heal damaged and irritated skin.
    Blue Tansy has powerful anti-inflammatory features and contains strong anti-redness properties, which can help balance your skin.


    It all started when I moved to New York. I was living a healthy life, ate organically and took good care of myself - except when it came to the beauty products, I assumed, I was pampering myself with every day. For some reason, I never thought about all of the harmful chemicals they contained and how they go straight into our bodies. One morning I woke up with a horrible rash on my face after using an expensive high-end brand that I trusted. The skin around my eyes was purple, ­wrinkled and flaky. It was horrifying. In that moment I decided that I would never put any harmful chemicals on my skin again. To me, and as I found out later, to many other women out there, I had a more holistic concept of “beauty” than what I could find in stores. I wanted a beauty routine that was good for my skin, my body and my environment.
    I began studying herbal medicine and the healing properties of plants and herbs as practiced in traditional Chinese and eastern cultures. The first product I developed was the “Miracle Oil” named after the miraculous power it contained and healed my eczema with… and that’s how it all started.
    Every product is created by me. I hand made all of the batches the first few years, while I was looking for the right manufacturer to partner with. After ­interviewing 42 manufacturers, I found my match - finally someone who agreed that a product didn’t have to be compromised by cheap and inefficient carrier oils in order to make more money. My vision was to sell potently packed products, filled with ­powerful ingredients, even though it would be a costly affair for me as a brand. But if the products I created couldn’t be launched with the original ­formula, then it would not make sense. The products are made with high quality exotic ingredients in order for your skin to feel the difference.


    I moved from New York to Los Angeles to be closer to my father who shared my passion for a holistic lifestyle. He was a film­maker full of memories and stories from a long lived life. Creating stories and moods on film had taken him to every corner of the planet. Large candles burned like a big, melting forest on his terrace in the Hollywood Hills and in the flickering lights, he would tell me about his adventures. He found it interesting that every fragrance was connected to a memory - so he decided to create his own line of fine fragrances.
    His wish was to create scented candles and perfumes, so together we began to explore the powerful impact of fine fragrance and how it enhances the self-care experience.
    A few months later, his heart gave up and he passed away. I knew it was the right time for me and for RAAW to adopt his vision of a fragrance series, as he would have wanted. To honor him, I chose our old palm tree to become the RAAW emblem. It represents my father’s vision and gives me a feeling of home. There was a beautiful, old palm tree that lived just outside my ­father’s terrace. So many moments, stories and potions were all created while the swaying palm tree observed us. It became part of our daily ritual and some of my most precious memories.