NOV 30, 2018



Amalie Wichmann
28 years young
TV host & producer.


During my childhood, my family and I would spend every summer on a boat up north of Copenhagen. Every morning my mom and I would go get ready in the primitive harbor bathrooms and my mom would always put lipstick on as the last thing before we were done. I was about four years old when she asked if I wanted lipstick on as well. She took me up on her arm, so I could see myself in the mirror and then off we went down the promenade, holding hands, both wearing bright red lipstick. I felt like a princess! (and wore lipstick every day for the rest of that summer…).  


I clean my skin every morning and every night before I go to bed (unless I feel really tired and lazy, then I skip it, just to regret it in the morning!). I only use RAAW products and I’m in love with the Black Moon Drops cleansing oil, which leaves me with soft baby skin. Regular cleansers dry out my skin, so I’m very thankful for this one! After cleansing I use the Plankton Enzyme Creme as my daily moisturizer. It feels amazing on my skin and is great for anti-aging.


The Blue Beauty Drops! Whenever I feel my skin is looking dull, dry or irritated, I use it overnight. I’m always amazed when I wake up and see that I’m good as new. These drops truly work wonders!! I’m also a huge fan of the mist Ocean Dew. Not only does it smell incredible, but it’s a lifesaver when flying. My skin always dry out when I travel, but this mist is definitely a game changer.


If you wear makeup, give your skin a break once in a while and let it breathe. Treat yourself with a hydrating face mask or like I do, clean your skin in the morning and just use the Blue Beauty Drops and let your skin soak it up.



Back when I met my boyfriend, he asked me out on a date. I was very excited and obviously wanted to look my best for him! To my great horror, my skin broke out with small, irritated bumps on my forehead the night before! I was seriously debating with myself on whether to cancel the date or not, because I was certain that my forehead was going to be a deal breaker for him, haha. I hadn’t tried my new Blue Beauty Drops more than a few times at that point, and only when I had clean skin anyway, so didn’t know the power of these magical drops yet! Luckily I didn’t have anything else that could possibly help my situation, so I rinsed my skin, used a few drops and went to sleep. I couldn’t believe my own eyes when I anxiously took a look in the mirror the next morning… the bumps were gone!! I went on the date with ease, fell in love and thanks to the Blue Beauty Drops I’m not single today :)


I know it’s such a cliché, but a healthy diet and LOTS of water. I drink at least three liters a day. It keeps my skin looking fresh and clean.