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The RAAW Kansa Wand
The RAAW Kansa Wand

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Blue Beauty Drops balancing facial oil and serum in one from Raaw By Trice. Great for all skin types - especially healing for acne-prone and oily skin.
Blue Beauty Drops Balancing Facial Oil


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Drops of Gold facial oil from Raaw By Trice is magic in a bottle. It delivers optimal nutrition for dehydrated skin and is carefully curated to combat the signs of aging skin.
Drops Of Gold Rejuvenating Facial Oil

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Raaw By Trice's clean and sustainable charcoal cleansing oil Black Moon Drops.
Black Moon Drops Charcoal Cleansing Oil

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Room 64 Eau De Parfum from clean and sustainable Raaw By Trice. Notes of patchouli, tobacco leaf, bergamot, birchwood.
Room 64 Eau De Parfum

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RAAW by Trice's award-winning signature scent with a mysterious blend of sandalwood and cedar wood, peppered with spicy cardamom and intertwined with dark Vanilla.
Blackened Santal Eau De Parfum

black pepper

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Eye Love eye serum from Raaw By Trice improves the appearance of puffy under-eyes and brightens dark circles.
Eye Love Serum


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Ocean Dew hydrating face mist from clean and sustainable Raaw By Trice.
Ocean Dew Hydrating Mist

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Hyaluronic Ocean Serum from Raaw By Trice is a face serum with antioxidants and minerals, and a rich blend of Laminaria algae and hyaluronic acid.
Hyaluronic Ocean Serum

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Raaw By Trice's Ocean Botanical organic, sustainable and clean hand creme and body lotion containing seaweed, vitamin A & E and soothing aloe vera.
Ocean Botanical Hand & Body Creme

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Laminaria eye creme from Raaw By Trice helps to plump up skin, reduce appearance of wrinkles and diminish dark circles and puffiness.
Laminaria Eye Creme


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The Velvet Cocoon body oil from Raaw By Trice. Silky soft, nourishing and easily absorbed body oil, enriched with revitalizing red algae and cold-pressed oils.
The Velvet Cocoon Indulging Body Oil

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The ROOM 64 perfume oil from natural, clean and sustainable Raaw By Trice.
Room 64 Perfume Oil

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Hydration Heroes
Hydration Heroes

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Room 64 Eau de Parfum & Perfume Oil Set
Room 64 Eau de Parfum & Perfume Oil Set