DEC 20, 2019


Julie Lindvang, 23, Global Sales Manager at Helmstedt and a huge RAAW fan.


Hmmm.. I remember when I got my first perfume, I felt so grown up.
I think I was 10 or 11, but it was the best feeling.


In the morning I clean my skin with Black Moon Drops. I have got
really dry skin, so it’s really important to me that my cleanser hydrates and cleans the skin at the same time. Afterwards I use Hyaluronic Ocean Serum and let it soak in while I brush my teeth.

I finish my morning beauty ritual with Drops of Gold on top. It gives the perfect glow all day, and really keeps my skin hydrated.

As my skin is very dry, it often needs a deeper cleanse - I do this
by massaging RAAW’s Sea Silk mask into my skin and let it sit for about 10 minutes. Afterwards I massage the mask into my skin. It has this really great exfoliating effect and leaves my skin all fresh and nourished.

In the evening I do almost the same, I cleanse with Black Moon Drops, use Hyaluronic Ocean Serum and Drops of Gold on top. I finish with a good ‘fat’ crème to lock in all moisture.


I really love the entire RAAW universe, as it is so natural and clean. My skin gets easily irritated, so it’s really nice to have found a beauty brand that my skin can withstand.



My skin is very delicate and gets easily irritated. I have a skin condition
called Perioral Dermatitis that causes rashes and redness all over my face. When it’s bad, my whole face turns red dotted and dry. When this condition is in outbreak, I have to be extra careful of what products I apply to my skin. I use the Hyaluronic Ocean Serum to lock in moist, and then I apply RAAW’s Blue Beauty Drops. This is a wonder oil, and I cannot live without. It always calms my skin, and reduces all of the redness.


As my skin is very dry, I try to eat a lot of salmon, avocado, nuts etc. to get Omega-3 and drink lots of water. It really makes a difference, and helps hydrate my skin.


I always carry a mist in my bag to keep my skin hydrated and dewy. I love RAAW’s Ocean Dew face mist, as it's filled with a lot of vitamins, algae and seaweed that both nourishes my skin and makes it glow all day long.