JAN 28, 2021



Anne P., 48 years old
Beauty Editor and former international model


I was always quite aware of what was healthy such as drinking plenty of water, getting my sleep and using sun protection. But I do remember using a moisturizing face mask by the age of maybe 8, convinced the my (baby smooth) skin got way softer. Today I’m not sure it made much of a difference, but I loved it nevertheless.


I am acutely aware of the fact that, one has the skin one deserves after the age of 30. Before that it is mostly good genes and luck. Obviously, there are exceptions to this rule, but if I didn’t eat healthy, exercised, drink plenty of water – and got my 8 hours of sleep, I’m sure that my skin and general well being would be significantly different.
So, I clean my skin every evening. Sunfilters, pollution, makeup ect. has to go! I am a big fan of pHformula’s E.X.F.O Cleanse and use it every single day, but some evenings I just don’t feel like water on my skin – especially in the cold winter times – and then I tend to go for an oil cleanser. I love Evening Primrose Oil so I adore RAAW’s Black Moon Drops.

I often go for a night cream with Vitamin-A and at the moment I am enjoying ‘Serioest Bedre Hud – Ansigtscremen’. Efficacy and a warm hug for your skin all in one. I also need to bear in mind to help strengthen my skin’s barrier, which my skin routine also reflects. I guess one thing, that I’d preach besides from getting your sleep would be to remember your sun filters.


I have what resembles an addition to Ocean Botanical Hand & Body Wash which I may need to see a professional about, should Trice ever discontinue this product! Besides from that I also love Hyaluronic Ocean Serum. I can’t seem to ever get enough of hyaluron. I love Evening Primrose Oil so I adore RAAW’s Black Moon Drops.



I remember a world famous hairdresser once told me that he really wished people would accept the hair they had been given by nature…. I’m not saying people can’t do whatever they want, get whatever they want done, but to some extend I also wish – especially girls - had more role models who wore less makeup, was less self-conscious and still were really cool…. Not that we all need to be all natural and smell like herbs and incense but the overdone faces, fake nails, tattooed eyebrows just screams insecurity to be, which I find really sad. We need more self love, I guess.


It is not much of a secret to be honest…. I don’t smoke – never have, love the sun but not being in direct sun for very long. I try to be grateful and see the silver lining in situations... And to be honest, I also think being at peace with getting older also seem to be paying off somehow. I believe it is more flattering.