Does your skin also feel more unclean and irritated than usual? Can you feel small blemishes popping out? Or maybe you are struggling with digestive problems, illness, stress or lack of energy?

If yes, it might be time for a detox
The body is magical to show when it's not in balance and needs a little extra attention. Therefore, it is a good idea to give yourself a detox from time to time, so that the body gets a well-deserved break and can get back into balance. Detox gives me a lot of energy, makes the skin beautiful and smooth and it always feels like a 'new beginning'.


Sea Silk indeholder rå honning. Naturens eget antibakterielle, porerensende kraftværk, som rydder op i akne, heler ar og giver en jævn og sund hud. Pakket med antioxidanter fremskynder den hudens helingsproces og så er honning en god fugtgiver og en beroligende ven for problemhud, fedtet hud eller eksemplaget hud.
Sea Silk ansigtsmasken fjerner døde hudceller, tilføjer aktive enzymer til din hud og efterlader den ren og blød. Delikat selvforkælelse for hud og sind.

MY 2022 DETOX 

Over time we collect and store a lot of toxins in the body through many different things such as diet, the air we breathe and the products we use. There are several of our organs that help our body to cleanse out the toxins, but sometimes we’ve got too much waste substances accumulated in the body which makes our organs unable to keep up. That's why I believe it's a good idea to detox once in a while, so the body gets a well-deserved break.

Detox gives me a lot of renewed energy and makes my skin beautiful and smooth. It's a perfect new beggining to a new year - so join my on my 2022 detox. 

Sea Silk mask is incredible at cleansing, calming and hydrating skin


1. Clean your skin

The skin is our biggest organ, so of course it must also get some love during a detox. Every morning and night, I have the same beauty routine - I cleanse with our charcoal-cleansing oil, Black Moon Drops.  Make sure to have removed all makeup and dirt so your skin is all clean and ready for the mask. 

2. Let the mask work

On moisturized skin I add a good layer of the Sea Silk exfoliating mask. The anti-inflammatory honey in Sea Silk, rebuilds and softens the skin and the volcanic ash helps to draw toxins out of the skin and gently exfoliates the skin for impurities and dead skin cells. I let the mask sit and penetrate for anywhere from 5-60 minutes and rinse it off with lukewarm water.

3. The magical Blue Beauty Drops

On damp skin (do not dry the face with a towel) I gently massage Blue Beauty Drops into the skin - the face is now deeply moisturized and silky soft. Blue Beauty Drops soothes and balances the skin and can be used by all skin types. It’s especially good for you who have a lot of impurities, oily or acne skin .. On detox days, I avoid makeup completely, to allow the skin to breathe and regenerate. 

Denne sorte creme ansigtsmaske er til dig der har brug for eksfoliering og fugt. Den hedder Sea Silk og er fra RAAW by Trice.


 On my body I use a detox scrub which I make especially for detox days. It consists of Dead Sea salt and epsom salt, which helps to pull waste substances and heavy metals out of the body. I use it on damp skin, turn off the shower and let it penetrate for a few minutes before I rinse it off. Otherwise, I take it with me in the sauna so that it can be massaged well into the warm skin for the optimal effect. Remember to apply the scrub under your feet, as it is a super effective way to get rid of the waste products through the feet. When I get out of the bath, I apply The Velvet Cocoon body oil from neck to my toes… the oil absorbs super fast, moisturizes and leaves the skin soft with the most delicious scent of summer.


When I detox, I begin with a few days where I’m on a strict vegetables and fruits only diet, to prepare my body for the juice cleanse. After two days of fruits and vegetables, I start on a three-day juice cleanse. It can be a little tough as I sometimes get a headache during detoxing and get tired really fast, but these are detox symptoms, so it's actually a good sign. During the juice cleanse, I make sure to do yoga, winter bathing and sauna treatments. The cold water activates the immune system which helps to fight infections. Additionally - When your body is exposed to a cold shock, the blood vessels in the fingers, feet, arms and legs contract so that the blood flows to the internal organs. I can recommend bathing in a place where there is access to a sauna - the heat promotes your blood circulation, moisturizes and smoothes the skin. (However, remember to drink plenty of water before AND after so you don’t dehydrate). Sauna is also used as a stress relief and to strengthen mental health. It’s a magical little ritual when you are on a detox - physically and mentally.

Happy Detox! 

xx Trice 


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