August 16, 2021

Nicole Pambi

RAAW Muse Nicole Pambi shares her personal beauty rituals and let us in on some of her beauty secrets.


Nicole Pambi
Age 34

I’ve studied design and I have worked with sales and marketing for many years. I have always dreamed of starting my own brand, so recently that dream came true.I have started my own design brand, where we create interior objects. It’s called &Clay Studio, starting with a stoneware collection of handcrafted ceramics launching later this year. 


I start my day with a little selfcare moment. It only takes a few minutes, but it is everything to me. If I don’t get this ritual done, the day just doesn't start off right. I take a quick bath and put on a few pumps of the Hyaluronic Ocean Serum. I let it sit a few moments while I brush my teeth, and then I apply the Blue Beauty Drops and massage my entire face and neck. I use different YouTube channels for inspiration, it only takes a few minutes, but it keeps my skin super fresh looking. I finish off with sunscreen, a good creamy bronzer and some days a bit of mascara.

I also use the Blue Beauty Drops as part of my night routine, on days where I just feel I need a little extra care. I leave on a thick layer as a mask before I go to sleep, it leaves my skin so soft in the morning. A few times a week I use the Sea Silk exfoliating mask. My skin just looks so clean and even afterwards. A true selfcare moment.


Blue Beauty Drops facial oil from RAAW By Trice
Hyaluronic Ocean Serum from RAAW By Trice with hyaluronic acid
Sea Silk facemask from RAAW By Trice


Like most other girls I studied my mother’s beauty routine carefully. I was so fascinated by her daily routine. She always washed her face in ice cold water morning and night. And made sure to tell me how important this was for a clear and glowy skin. Then she put on her bright red lipstick. Even before bedtime she put on a little lipstick. Because she always wanted to look her best, she said. That mentality stuck with me - Always try to look your best!


The Blue Beauty Drops is my favorite. I love products where you can see and feel an immediate difference. I am not so good at waiting for 3-5 months to see that a product might not work for me… With the beauty drops I feel an immediate change on my skin. I don’t get the same breakout as before because the drops keep my skin moist, and my skin doesn’t have to overproduce unnecessary moist. My skin feels and looks more even and “happy” so to say.


Moist is glow! My secret is always to keep my skin moisturized. When light reflects on your moist cheekbones you get that beautiful glow that to me is everything on a woman. You don’t need much more than that to feel and look amazing. Another secret is a good facial massage, I can highly recommend it.

Nicole Pambi loves the Blue Beauty Drops Facial Oil from Raaw By Trice
Hyaluronic Ocean facial serum from RAAW By Trice