DEC 19, 2018


Maria Barfod shares her favorite beauty products from RAAW


Maria Barfod
38 years old
DJ, Radio Host & Sound Designer


My grandmother is and has always been a sophisticated lady wearing mink furs, coral colored lipstick and her signature scent “Opium” from Yves Saint Laurent. I wanted to be like her when I grew up. From an early age I would steal her nail polish and dress up in her paillette dresses.


In the morning when I wake up, I mist my face with the Ocean Dew and apply a few drops of the Blue Beauty Drops. Then I go for a run or to the gym, come back home, shower and once again I use my mist Ocean Dew and then the Blue Beauty Drops. Before I get dressed I spray the perfume Blackened Santal on my skin. I love it on my skin instead of on the clothes, that way the scent becomes more personal and unique.

At night I clean my face with the RAAW By Trice charcoal oil cleanser Black Moon Drops - it’s so gentle but really efficient, it leaves the skin soft as a baby’s bottom! I have my own little routine with this cleanser: First I add a quarter of pipette of drops on my fingers, heat it up between my hands and fingers and smooth it out on my face. Then I add the same amount of the charcoal oil on my fingers again and focus only on the eyes. I massage the oil onto the eye area in circles, so the mascara melts right off. Then I rinse off the oil with luke warm water and voila - done finito. After that I use more oil on my face - and yes it’s a lot of oil but I just LOVE being moist and shiny, haha! I honestly think it’s the reason why my skin still has a youthful glow. It certainly does the trick for me!


Facial oil Blue Beauty Drops from Raaw By Trice
Ocean Dew Hydrating face mist from RAAW By Trice
Black Moon Drops cleansing oil for the face from RAAW By Trice
Blackened Santal Eau De Parfum Raaw By Trice


Without a doubt. The Blackened Santal Perfume! Even though I use the entire line, this perfume is for me, my one and only thing that I will never switch out from my routine. It has become my personal scent. I stopped using perfume when I became pregnant six years ago - I didn’t want my son to connect his mother with a specific perfume, I wanted him to recognize my natural scent… a true connection between mother and child. One year ago I tried the Blackened Santal and I just felt it was ME! I have never gotten so many compliments on a perfume before... from men and women. This will never leave my side.


Oil, oil oil and sleep. My wrinkles become more visible when I don’t get enough of those two. Not that I’m ashamed of my lines, but I prefer dewy looking healthy skin. Oh, and I dry brush my body. I would love to say I did it every day, but I either forget or don’t have time. It feels SO NICE though and it removes dry skin and is great for the blood circulation.