OCTOBER 13, 2021


Q & A with Trice Angie Christiansen. Founder of RAAW By Trice and creator of ROOM 64.

Raaw Muse Rillo Schwartz tells us all about her beauty secrets and tricks

Where did the inspiration for ROOM 64 come from?
My dad lived in Hollywood, Los Angeles, and we both loved dining at the old hotels in the hills. They have so much character, so many stories to tell - if only the wallpaper could talk. I would always leave inspired and filled with new ideas and energy. There is a certain vibe and feeling in those hotel mansions, so the story of ROOM 64 is created there. The mood is a beautiful room with vintage furniture, golden sunlight strikes through the wooden windows and the fan in the ceiling is slowly rotating the warm L.A. breeze with the scent of the orange trees, old wood and the scent of dark vanilla and patchouli. A mysterious and dark scent for all genders.

Tell us about the process when you create a new fragrance.
I usually have an idea of the mood or energy I want the fragrance to represent when I create. Then I collect all of my oils, put on some music to stay inspired and then I add one oil after the other into a carrier oil, while I write down the formula in my notebook... “5 drops patchouli, 10 drops Ylang Ylang etc. etc.” usually that gives me a good base of the fragrance and then I build it from there. I will typically create it over a few months, sometimes even years. 

Do you have a signature ingredient?
I try to use Madagascar vanilla and wood in all my perfumes... they can both bring out the best in a scent and support the other notes in a fragrance to become more high- end and mysterious in my opinion.

All scent impressions settle as memories. A scent can send you to a very special place. Will you share a memory with us?
The Blackened Santal is filled with memories. I created this scent with my dad, and it smells like home to me. Warm summer nights, palm tree view and a feeling of vacation and love. This scent transports me back to L.A. and our lovely palm tree.

ROOM 64 launches both as perfume oil and eau de parfum. Why did you create both options?
I personally love both versions... I love to be able to spray the fragrance on my clothes, in my hair or simply just a tiny mist on my sheets or in my house, to fill up my home with my favorite scent. I also wanted this scent on the go, and the small bottle fits perfectly in a purse. The oil does not contain any alcohol, which I really liked during my pregnancy. The perfume oil lingers on the skin for hours and you don’t need a lot.


Raaw By Trices Backened Santal Eau De Parfum
Blackened Santal Perfume Oil from Raaw By Trice