How it all began

RAAW was brought to life when I moved to New York. I was living a healthy life, ate organically, and took good care of myself. This was with an exception of the beauty products that I assumed I was pampering myself with every day. For some reason, I never thought about the potentially harmful chemicals those conventional products contained and how those harmful ingredients absorb straight into our bodies.

One morning I woke up with a horrible rash on my face. It came from an expensive, high-end, and renowned brand I trusted. The skin around my eyes was a purple hue, wrinkled and flaky. It was horrifying. In that moment I decided I would be more conscious and never put any harmful chemicals on my skin again. To me and what seemed to be many other women out there, I had a more holistic concept of “beauty” than what I could find in stores. I wanted a beauty routine that was good for my skin, my body, and my environment.

I began studying herbal medicine and the healing properties of plants and herbs as practiced in traditional Chinese and eastern cultures. The first product I developed was the “Miracle Oil” named after the miraculous power it contained and healed my eczema with and that’s how it all started. 

Why the transformation

As we grow older and wiser, we hopefully evolve into better versions of our former selves. We transform into something new but keep the best pieces of who we’ve always been at our core. This is the same for RAAW. With an industry that is moving fast and constantly changing, we strive to adapt and transform into something more tangible that can withstand the test of time. We embrace change as sometimes change is what is needed in order to grow.

When evolving our name, the definition of Alchemy truly spoke to RAAW’s journey. We are always thinking of ways to improve and transform whether big or small. Behind the doors of each change, there are deep and meaningful discussions, what could be described as a magical process. People often think of chemistry and science when they hear the word alchemy but there is so much more to the word’s meaning. Alchemy is a seemingly magical process of transforming or combining elements into something new.

“Not only are we transforming and creating little magical things, but we want people to feel they too have the power to transform, whether it is improving their skin or renewing themselves through scent and senses.” 

Bottled Nature

RAAW is an award-winning oil-based & clean beauty collection crafted with organic, sustainable and wild harvested ingredients and ocean botanicals. Natures finest ingredients and best kept secrets in a bottle. No need to choose between natural or results - RAAW Alchemy is all in one. The transformational ritual and long term results your skin has been waiting for.